Why Should You Choose a Holiday Rental?

Traveling has fundamentally changed in the last 25 years! With so much information available at our fingertips and the cost of air travel dropping, there are many things to consider when organizing a holiday abroad. Vacation rentals and B&B style accommodations are becoming more popular than ever before, and for excellent reasons.

Hotel stays and vacation rentals can make for very different vacations and are appropriate for different reasons.
We do not want to knock hotels – they can be perfect for some travelers. It really all depends on your needs and what type of vacation you are hoping to have.

Your own pool – just magical.

So what are the main differences between vacation rentals and hotels? In my experience, it really comes down to two factors – budget and privacy. 

Most hotels, especially those in Bermuda, have options for all-inclusive stays which allows for use of various amenities including turn-down services, meal and drink plans, room service, maids, and access to a concierge, all for a designated cost which then has various surcharges and taxes applied. While this is a fantastic arrangement for travelers who want to have all their needs taken care of on site and for one price, others find it to be much too costly and impersonal.

Renting a private property means you don’t have to share this view.

Vacation rentals are often significantly less expensive than hotels. While they do not include options for meals and drinks (with the exception of some B&B rentals offering breakfast), they do provide kitchen facilities so you can purchase and prepare your own meals at “home”.  This can save huge amounts of money and also caters very well to folks with dietary restrictions, as restaurants and buffet-style meals do not always meet the standards required for some people’s dietary needs. When staying at a hotel that has all-inclusive pricing including food and drinks, it seems pointless to go to a restaurant off resort and essentially pay for your meals a second time. With vacation rentals, that’s not a concern. Dine in or dine out, wherever and whenever you please! I would certainly recommend checking out some of Bermuda’s traditional dishes such as fish chowder, as well as a Swizzle and a Dark n’ Stormy!

Very few hotels in Bermuda give you a private patio complete with mini cannons and hammocks.

Not all vacation rentals offer a pool or beach access, but those that do have much more privacy. Instead of sharing the pool with everyone else in a hotel, you could choose a property with a completely private pool or beach. With the exception of bed and breakfasts, units are self-catering, meaning no maids knocking at your door in the morning to change towels and make beds. You can sleep in or get up early and enjoy a nice homemade breakfast in solitude while taking in the gorgeous views Bermuda has to offer, all from the comfort of your vacation home. Of course, maid services can be arranged for an additional fee at your vacation property if that’s a requirement for you.

Renting a vacation property in a foreign country can also give unparalleled insight to the lifestyle that people have in that area. In Bermuda, renting a home or apartment allows you to live like the locals and experience Bermuda at your own pace. A vacation rental apartment or house feels like a comfortable and relaxing home away from home, as opposed to a busy pre-scheduled time away from your familiar surroundings. It also allows you to chat with the homeowners and get their opinions and suggestions on local restaurants, attractions and hidden gems. There is nothing like talking to a local to get the very best Bermuda has to offer.

Whether your holiday would be better spent in a hotel or a vacation rental, Bermuda has plenty to offer to travelers from around the world. For those who prefer or want to try out a vacation rental, we are here to assist and we look forward to helping you arrange an unforgettable trip to Bermuda!

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