The Crystal and Fantasy Caves – Bermuda’s underground dream!

The Crystal & Fantasy Caves are a top attraction in Bermuda and with good reason!

The caves were discovered in 1905 by two young boys who had lost their cricket ball. When the property owners heard of the discovery they began to investigate and explore the caves. The site was then opened as a tourist attraction in 1907, and it remains open today as one of Bermuda’s top tourist sites.

Bailey’s Bay Ice Cream Parlour is the perfect post-cave exploration treat.

Located in Hamilton Parish, close to Bailey’s Bay Ice Cream Parlour, a guided tour of the caves takes interested travelers about 40 meters down into these artificially illuminated natural wonders. When you walk along the wooden dock platforms, be sure to have your camera ready with a wide aperture or long exposure setting.
The stalactites and stalagmites hang from the cave ceiling and erupt from exceptionally clear pools of water. The water is so clear, it is very difficult to guess the depth – in some places up to 20 metres or 65 feet deep!

The water in the caves connects to both Harrington Sound and the Atlantic Ocean, and the caves are part of a large system of underground tunnels surrounding Harrington Sound. These tunnels allow water to flow back and forth from the inland lake to the ocean. Interestingly, despite seasonal weather and temperature changes, the temperature inside the caves remains the same year-round meaning its a refreshingly cool break from the hot Bermudian sun.

Lovely palms and lawns at the Crystal Caves

Tickets can be purchased to tour the Crystal Cave or the Fantasy Cave, or you can go through both (recommended). Be sure to take a walk around the gardens either before or after your tour too, they are beautifully manicured and it really is a spectacular place. There are many steps to take getting down into the caves, wear good shoes and be prepared for a little bit of a work-out for your legs if you aren’t used to this type of exercise. If you are up for the steps, the caves are definitely worth it!

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