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How to get the best Bermuda beach experience – my life lessons

Having grown up in Bermuda, I fancy myself a bit of a “beach connoisseur.” Spending a sizable portion of my life in/very near the ocean, I’ve accumulated a few suggestions as to how to best experience Bermuda’s beaches.

A beach in Bermuda requires some pre-planning: the vast majority do not have waterside cafes, bars, towel service or chair rentals.

I always recommend bringing a picnic (with frozen refillable water bottles to second as ice packs) in a cooler bag. If you are travelling in the summer it is especially important to bring extra water to stay hydrated.

Packing an old king or queen sheet in your luggage to use on the beach means that you don’t have the fine, pink sand ground deeply into your fluffy beach towels. Using the sheet as the sitting arrangement, and saving your towels rolled for a pillow then for drying off, means a much more comfortable day. Collapsible umbrellas (even the ones used for rain!) are a great sun shield for your picnic bag, electronics or sun-weary heads!

A face-mask and snorkel is a wonderful idea, if you can fit them in your bags – you will not believe how clear the water is and the abundance of critters that can be seen underwater. Flippers are not necessary but water shoes can be useful for crossing rocks. Church Bay and Snorkel Park (at Dockyards) are the only beaches I know of that offer snorkel rentals. Of course this can change at any time and we’ll keep this post updated.

For those of you who have small children, a light dusting of baby powder on feet and legs of children will make brushing off sand much easier. Of course, it won’t work once those little legs have run into the ocean – reapplication after sunscreen has been absorbed will be needed!

Lastly, consider beaches that aren’t on the latest top 5 Bermuda beaches such as Horseshoe or Elbow. They are absolutely beautiful but if you are travelling in the summer, they are often packed with visitors and locals alike. Check out our blog post on our favourite beaches to find ones that are much less busy, and will allow you and your family some room to play, sun and relax. Enjoy and amply apply that sunscreen!

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