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Babymoon in Bermuda

Congratulations! You’re pregnant! Although my son was born 9 months ago, I still remember all the fun (and not so fun) aspects of being pregnant. I must admit, planning my babymoon was an enjoyable diversion. Our doctor gave me the go-head to travel, with 36 weeks pregnant being the limit. Of course, check with your own doctor and insurance provider before booking any travel!

There were a few considerations when reviewing location options for our babymoon – for me, duration of transportation (flight or drive), budget and safety were my main criteria.

Duration of transportation
I did a bunch of research prior to ensure that I wasn’t accidentally putting myself or the baby in harm’s way. I set a personal cap of 4 hours – simply because I knew my feet would swell up, my patience would wear thin and I didn’t want to be stuck in a plane or car for any longer! You know yourself the best, so be realistic and choose a travel duration that will be most comfortable for you. As it turned out, Bermuda was a short 2.5 hour flight from Toronto – 1 point for Bermuda!

Hindsight is 20/20 – I should have started saving up for a baby a long time ago. Knowing (but not fully understanding) the cost of diapers, formula, and the latest intellectually stimulating toy meant that we had a strict budget that we wanted to stick to. Renting an apartment in Bermuda was the perfect solution to help us:
– we had a full kitchen to cook the meals we didn’t feel like going out to enjoy
– the accommodations were far less expensive than a hotel stay (and much larger and more comfortable)
– and we were able to walk to a variety of parks and attractions to enjoy a more authentic Bermudian experience, within 15 minutes. This was important due to the aforementioned swelling feet.

I found the kitchen particularly helpful as I never knew what my appetite would be that day – luckily I always had a stove at the ready to make a grilled cheese sandwich or cup of ginger tea. We found the grocery stores were very well stocked, although slightly more pricey than home.

Lastly, we wanted to ensure that both parents and baby stayed safe. Although the virus doesn’t seem to be in the news as much lately, we wanted a location that was Zika-free and Bermuda is one of the rare warm climate, no Zika options. Regardless of where you decide to travel, be sure to check any official travel advisories. Should you need medical assistance while on the island, there are many excellent doctors and a modern hospital. However, I recommend purchasing travel insurance for peace of mind.
Bermuda is also incredibly safe from a crime perspective – common sense is still required but the island is much safer even than our neighbourhood back home. Lock up and close any windows when you go out, and don’t leave your purse on the beach unattended. My biggest risk was getting a sunburn on my “hidden-from-the-sun” Canadian skin.

We ended up having a wonderful trip – slept in every morning, gentle walks and sightseeing, and good food at the ready. Bermuda was the perfect place for our babymoon to rest and charge up for the exhilarating and exhausting parenthood phase.

We welcomed baby Fergus in mid April and will be introducing him to Bermuda in January 2019! Stay tuned for more blog posts about travelling in Bermuda with small children.

I think we have a Bermuda beach bum in the making

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