Planning a family reunion in Bermuda

I’ve noticed a new trend towards hosting large family reunions in Bermuda.
Many families want to congregate in a big home with a fabulous kitchen in a beautiful congenial new location. Our island offers some splendid options for your big family event!

To make such a trip a complete success we suggest that you select one person a.k.a. “the prime organizer” to coordinate specific aspects of the trip, especially for flights and accommodations. This way, all information is collected by this prime organizer who can ensure that it is complete and accurate. Many of our clients find tools such as Google sheets or apps like Planapple, Trello, Prava or TripIt to be very helpful when herding cats… er, coordinating family.

The Restless Native catamaran is a fantastic day trip for larger groups.

We strongly suggest that all adults in the traveling group make a point of visiting the Duty Free shop on their way to Bermuda to pick up choice beverages for the table. Good rum is plentiful in Bermuda (we recommend Goslings!) so choose your favourite scotch or vodka instead.

Renting a large home has several advantages over hotels or resorts. Quite apart from the kitchen that permits everyone to show off their culinary talents, a house rental saves an enormous amount of money for the family that wants some time together to eat and drink and laugh the night away without having to secure a fleet of taxis to get everyone home at the end of the night. Larger homes generally offer pools or beach access, so relaxing outdoors is made easier without having to wake up at 6am to secure a block of chairs by a resort pool.
Not to mention you have the entire house (or island!) to yourself – no need to share the pool, gardens or beach with others. Feel free to go wild with your family’s limbo competition, or a rousing rendition of your clan’s favourite song.

There are several excellent companies that provide child minding, private chef services, party and event planning, grocery delivery and private tours that can all service whichever house your family decides to rent. Why not outsource so that you can spend more time enjoying?

Groceries by boat to a private island!

Many of the houses have games, toys and books to help encourage friendly competition or entertain the kids. Bermuda has a vast variety of fun activities for families – our favourites include the Flatts Aquarium, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, Dockyard and Snorkel Beach Park.

I always recommend, if you can swing it, to arrive mid week when flights are less expensive and during the off season to save on house rentals as well as flights. The more money you can save on flights and accommodations, the more you have to play with!

Ready to go to Bermuda? Head over to our main website or give us a call at 416-232-2243.

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